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SSB360 has marketing support services such as: case development support, appointment setting, referrals, direct mail, seminars, client management systems and sales tools that help you close more clients. We provide lead programs and a back office to help you track your leads to clients from start to finish, helping you retain the clients you work hard for. The knowledge of the Insurance market along with the technology of on-line tracking systems helps agents & Brokers focus on Selling. Why Should You Contract? You can generate substantial commissions and renewals in the Senior Products industry. Literally thousands of people are turning 65 every day. The longer you wait to get into this booming arena, the more business you will miss. As a Field Marketing Organization Channel(FMO), SSB360 Insurance Marketing is one of the top producing brokers for UnitedHealthcare. Additionally, SSB360 represents other national carriers such as Humana, Mutual of Omaha, etc. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  Now is the time to add senior products to your portfolio!  As our affiliate, you receive outstanding service and support comprehensive  and ongoing training and a rich portfolio of products that will help you grow your business.
SSB360 represents a new more advanced standard of performance to every aspect of our business prospects, providers, carriers, brokers, and agents. We use the most up to date and advanced technologies to make sure our vision exceeds the mission we strive to accomplish. Welcome to a different Market; SSB360 Insurance Marketing for the future.
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We also have a General Agency Business model for agents with a desire for personal branding, called Care Value. Contact us today to: Partner at a higher level of support. Contact Me Now
SSB360 Insurance Marketing
 SSB360 Insurance Marketing  If you are reading this then you’re most likely an Insurance Agent. Is that correct? Do you need quality leads? Maybe the company you're with is just not making it happen for you? Well we have answers for all of those questions and we would like to see if you are ready to grow and expand your income now? No matter what your reason is we can assure you that you’ve come to the right place.
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SSB360 is your FMO channel that offers the quality leads you have been looking for. A customized list of leads to help you target relevant qualified prospects. These prospects are unique and contacting them should be done with great care. In addition,
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